With almost everything imported, maybe we'll never hit the heights of the greatest gastronomic institutions in the world. There are, however, still many wonderful restaurants in Singapore. Here's our favourites



Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant—great chili crab, pepper crab, coffee crab, rice noodles with abalone, geoduck clam shabu-shabu, our default restaurant for visiting friends. Takes classic Singaporean dishes and elevates them with premium ingredients. At the base of Gardens By the Bay, could be nicely combined with a garden visit 








Swa Garden strikes a very deep chord, because it serves the type of food that we had for celebrations in simpler days. Steamed promfet, suckling pig roasted over charcoal in half an oil drum in the backyard (advanced order), fried kway teow, yam paste






Chui Hway Lim for steamed threadfin tail, eight treasure vegetables, braised goose, preserved radish omelette







Li Bai, excellent dim sum (at lunch), shark bone soup, peking duck, grilled cod fish with pine nuts









Enmaru, Laguna Golf Club, restaurant is open to public: izakaya and yakiniku overlooking a beautiful golf course 














Tsukiji Sushi Dai, excellent sushi even by Japanese standards, at a price 





Sushi Hashida, even better sushi at an even higher price 








Tenshin serves beautiful tempura 










Shelter in the Woods is a lovely indie restaurant—excellent cooking without pretension 






Bistrot du Sommelier has luscious stewed beef cheeks in wine, charcuterie 


Casa Tartufo makes gorgeous tajerin, bufala, steak florentine, ravioli. When in season, the sweet potato mezzaluna is brilliant













Osteria Mozza has a talented team and a deep menu of freshly made pasta 















Peperoni makes good pizza







Catalunya has a glittery view of Marina Bay and the city skyline, and usually cooks well 







Luke's Chop House serves stunning live oysters and awesome steaks—especially the bone-in tenderloin with pepper and cognac sauce